and MORE scottish food experiences

With 4days (and nights) in the Scottish city of Edinburgh… meant more than just tasty breakfasts at the Boutique Guesthouse 94DR and a yummy dinner at the Outsider… but also meant some visits to some local pubs and restaurants for tasty fare!

Day 1 saw us footing our way down to the Royal Mile and Princes street for a bit of retail therapy (and the opportunity to get the lay-of-the-land! And after a delicious and filling breakie at the Guest House, we only started to feel the pangs of hunger around 2pm… so we ducked into Rose Street (which is filled with pubs and resto’s) and settled upon the Auld Hundred … which looked warm and inviting!

haggis bites

This was to be my first experience of HAGGIS! Probably the most well-known Scottish delicacy and although I was put off by the ingredients, I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed it! Made from sheep’s offal – the windpipe, lungs, heart and liver – are boiled and then minced. Mixed with beef suet and lightly toasted oatmeal and generally placed within the sheep’s stomach, it is cooked further by being boiled (or oven roasted).

Along with the Haggis bites (in a light batter and served with mustard mayo), we ordered breaded mushrooms (with a garlic mayo dip) and Smoked Scottish Salmon served with lemon wedges and brown bread!

Day 2 saw us enjoying Tea and Scones on the 4th floor of the Jenners Department Store on Princes Street (This is the oldest independent department store in Scotland!! Built in 1838 and known as the *Harrods of the North* and now owned by House of Fraser).

inside Jenners

Scones are essentially a small British *quick bread* made with baking powder as a leavening agent and normally served with jam and cream! And we each got the Tea & Scones special at 2.95 Pounds!! And after a day of trekking around the Castle, it was exactly what we needed!!!

less than 3pounds? What a bargain!

Day 3 had us at visiting the Royal Yacht Britannia and on the Royal Deck,  which is traditionally where the Royal Family used to host cocktail parties and receptions and is now the Tea Room! The views were spectacular, even if the skies were grey … and we were once again tempted into sampling their tea and fresh scones with jam and clotted cream!!

proper silver!!!!

another well deserved break (as I kept teasing M that she made me walk everywhere… and how both ways always felts UPHILL!) But, we continued on our tour and eventually headed back into town! 🙂

More sightseeing and finally our tummies started to indicate that it was way past lunchtime (3pm actually) and I had made M promise me that I could get some proper Fish&Chips! So off we headed to the pubs along on the Grassmarket street… and eventually decided upon *Maggie Dickson’s Pub* as we had heard the history on one of our bus tours!

Maggie Dickson was a fish hawker who fell pregnant, but as she concealed the pregnancy and the death of the newborn baby, she was found guilty of not only trying to hide the preganancy and refusing to name the father but also for killing her child and was taken to Grassmarket square to be hung. Later that day when they were moving her body to be buried, they heard scratching noises on the coffin and opened it up to find her still alive…  and the council decided that they couldn’t hang her twice – so she spent the next 40years of her life being known as *half-hangit Maggie*.

Anyway – I got my order of Fish & Chips, which were great! A really crispy batter and hand cut chips (which I slathered in as many Tartare sauce sachets that I could get my hands on!)

the perfect partner to fish and chips

And M ordered the Balmoral Chicken special – chicken breast stuffed with Haggis and served with mash and veggies!

M said she enjoyed it!

Neither of us went home hungry… and the only thing that I felt that I had truly missed while I was visiting Edinburgh… was a deep fried Mars Bar!!!!

Next time!!!


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