Looking for the most PHENOMENAL breakfasts in Edinburgh??

I had been to Edinburgh before… with Mum last year in May… and we had rented a 2bedroom apartment, walking distance away from the City sights called 35CS which had all the facilities that one could need (open plan living area with kitchen, 2 bedrooms and a full bathroom (with the worlds best rain shower!!))

So this year, when M and I decided to visit Edinburgh again – we contacted the owners of 35CS as they also run a contemporary Boutique Guest House called 94DR which offers luxury Bed and Breakfast accommodation!! (oh – they weren’t kidding!)

Paul and John make the most hospitable hosts that I have ever encountered and it felt like I was visiting family/friends rather than paying to stay somewhere (although we did pay!)… the rooms are spacious, the bathrooms well equipped and a communal lounge that is open to all and includes an honesty bar, books, dvd’s, i-pads and comfy seating!

Not only did we get the joy of meeting Miss Molli (their fabulous black labradoodle one morning)… but coming back after a day of exploring meant the excitement of discovering a delicious treat in our rooms (next to the complimentary coffee/tea station)… sticky toffee cake or lemon drizzle to name but two….

entrance to the breakfast room

But the real treat is the breakfasts that Paul lovingly creates… as you arrive, you are lavished with attention, bottomless glasses of orange or apple juice, cups of tea or freshly brewed coffee (a blend they make themselves) and between Paul & John – they provide suggestions for the days outings and restaurants (plus they make bookings on your behalf as well – so you are always assured of the best table in the house!!!)

the moo cow milk jug!!!!

Each morning there is the option of starting with either freshly made porridge or homemade granola layered with honey, yoghurt and the days homemade fruit compote!

Thereafter – you can either order a full Scottish breakfast or the *daily* special… and for 4 straight mornings – we happily explored the specials and were never disappointed!!!

Day1: *Taste of summer* oh yes… this was probably my favourite breakfast of the 4! An open toasted onion bagel topped with freshly sliced juicy tomatoes, half a sliced avocado, good quality italian buffalo mozzarella, basil and extra virgin olive oil… and topped with crispy bacon!

the true taste of summer!

Day2: *Traditional Eggs Benedict*  on a lightly toasted crumpet, either topped with locally sourced ham or you could opt for the Benedict Royale which was topped with Salmon (I had the first option while M had the Royale experience). And these little poached beauties were PERFECT!

perfectly poached!!

Day3: *Asparagus for Breakfast* yes… Asparagus for Breakfast (a title for Paul’s cookery book, perhaps? :)) Asparagus spears on a toasted brioche, with a perfectly poached egg and topped with extra virgin olive oil, parmesan shavings and toasty pancetta! YUM

can you spell *yum*?

Day4: (sadly our last day and trust me, we begged to stay longer) and of course, the day it would snow. YES – SNOW in Spring! Fabulous blueberry pancakes … either topped with crispy bacon and syrup or with fresh seasonal berries of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries…


and M's sweet version

Would I come back?? YES

Would I come back to them??  DEFINITELY!!

94DR, 94 Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh, EH16 5AF

Tel: +44 (0) 131 662 9265

email: stay@94dr.com



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