Another day… another cheesecake

When I said that I loved cheesecakes… you didn’t REALLY believe me… did you? You thought, “ha, she says she likes cheesecakes but how many recipes has she ACTUALLY tried?”… so this is me proving that I have attempted more than one (or two… or three… ) and that baked is really my personal favourite.

And how did I come across this recipe? Pure luck actually! I got up one day (probably a sunday) and had promised to bake a cheesecake for a party that afternoon… only to discover that I didn’t have any biscuits in the house and was just too damn lazy to go out to the Express shop to get some… so plan B? Google for crustless cheesecake recipes…

This was a while ago (before I even knew what a blog was!)… so I have ZERO clue on which website I got the recipe from… all I know is that it perfectly balanced… not too sweet and that it is now in my handwritten recipe book! (yes – the one that is stained, smeared and bearing proof that I am a messy cook!)

Crustless Cheesecake

500g cream cheese

75g butter

60g icing sugar

250g whipping cream

4 egg yolks

50g cornflour

4 egg whites

60g caster sugar

  1. mix the first 6 ingredients together until smooth
  2. Beat egg whites and caster sugar together until fluffy and fold into the mixture
  3. Pour into a springform tin & place into a roasting pan which should be filled half way with boiling water (bain marie)

    place in a water bath (bain marie)

  1. Bake for 1h20min at 150C
  2. Turn off oven and leave inside for another hour

    looking good

  1. Refridgerate for approx 3hours or overnight

    no crust... but gloriously soft and tasty


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