Wonder if I could snare the Easter Bunny with Carrot Cake

Trouble would NOT be impressed

Bunnies like carrots… right? So they should therefore also like carrot cake… right?

Why do I want to ensare this poor defenseless bunny?

SIMPLE… I want his Chocolate stash 🙂

And well… lets be honest, my cat Trouble wouldn’t mind a bite of his… ahum… well… just a bite 🙂 of the chocolate that is!!!!

Ok.. enough bullsh*t for one day.

The real reason that I am baking a Carrot cake is because the planning team that I work with on a regular basis really and truly go well and beyond their call of duty at work! They manage miracles on a daily basis when most people would respond with a *no* and I have been promising them a cake (or two) for absolute ages!

This is one of those carrot cakes that fits into the *OMG that was so easy … but is tasty* category (reminder to self to create that category) and the cream cheese icing compliments it to the point where you think… “If I have another slice, will I still fit into my pants?”… yes, yes it is that moreish!

Carrot Cake

100g Raisins

4 Tablespoons Orange Juice/Port

3 Eggs

175ml Sunflower oil

200g sugar

2 teaspoons cinnamon

225g self-raising flour

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon bircarbonate of soda

50g coconut

60g walnuts, chopped

200g carrot, grated

  1. Place raisins and orange juice/port in a pot and bring to the boil

    boil raisins in either orange juice or port (or both)

  1. Simmer gently for 2minutes and then set aside to cool
  2. whisk together eggs, oil and sugar until creamy
  3. Sift cinnamon, flour, baking powder & bicarb into egg mixture
  4. Fold in cocount, walnuts, carrots and raisins

    don't worry if the mixture doesn't look wet enough... it will turn out perfectly once baked!

  1. Spoon in baking container and bake for 45min at 180C

    Topped with a cream cheese icing (300g cream cheese & 50g icing sugar mixed together)


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