Chocolate tastes better at Easter!

Woohoo – it is Easter Sunday and the tradition of eating your body weight in chocolate easter eggs (or bunnies) has begun!!

Few people are aware of the link between the egg and Easter… but traditionally the egg was a symbol of resurrection (holding new life within)…. I think this symbolism is BRILLIANT! In fact, Russian Czar Alexander III took it one step further and commissioned a Fabergé egg as an Easter surprise for his wife… but I would be willing to accept gifts of chocolate instead (not saying that I don’t want a jewel encrusted accessory either… I just think that the likelihood of this happening is limited!)

So in celebration of the risen Christ, I am about to bite off the ears of my chocolate bunny while washing it all down with a glass of bubbles (because Lent is over and because I can!)

Some of my favourite Belgium Chocolatiers are:

Corne Port-Royal  was estabilitshed in 1932 and with 75years of experience…  they know all about making phenomenal chocolates! We were given free mini Easter Chocolate eggs when we entered the store – BONUS!

Corne Port Royal Shop Window

Godiva was founded in Belgium in 1926 and is a worldwide supplier of premium chocolates (truffles, coffee, cocoa, biscuits, etc)… they too had the most amazing display of Easter Eggs and truffles… but they also focused on celebrating Spring! And yes – as soon as we purchased 40Euros worth of choccies – we got a free 100g slab of chocolate… as well as we were each given the choice of a one of their delectable treats to eat on site!

Godiva's shop front

Another worldwide chocolatier, Neuhaus was also founded in Belgium in 1857 by a Swiss immigrant (in fact, his grandson actually INVENTED the chocolate bonbon (aka praline)) – but for me, the story of this chocolatiers creation was pure BRILLIANCE! He started as a pharmacist (apothecary shop)… and coated a bitter pill with chocolate so that it would be easier to consume. Pure Genius… somebody give the man a pat on the back!

chocolate is GOOD for you

Neuhaus was the 3rd store we had been in, and by this point, we were no longer impressed with ANOTHER selection of brightly coloured mini eggs… or chocolate shaped eggs. At least Godiva had also incorporated Spring into their mix (plus the gorgeous keepsake sequinned egg filled with 16 pralines!).

Neuhaus shop front

So what did I get tempted to buy? LOADS!! I haven’t planned to eat it all… I do have some sense (not much) but some … and a few of these treats will be travelling back to South Africa with me at the end of the month!

A very blessed Easter to all of you from Glorious Edinburgh (loads of restaurant and food blogs to follow!)


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