super stylish wedding reception at Chalet Robinson

I was super privileged to attend the wedding reception of 2 gloriously gorgeous people, that I have come to know in Brussels… I was there the night that they met and attended their housewarming when they moved in together and now… I was lucky enough to witness their union as a couple!!


They hosted their reception at Chalet Robinson which is situated on the Robinson Island in the Cambre woods… whereby you need to cross the man-made lake on a boat in order to reach this magnificent wooden chalet!

Both the Island and Chalet are named Robinson in reference to 19th Century Robinson Crusoe fictional hero.

Downstairs is the restaurant and upstairs is a function room (where we were) – and it was truly classy… and absolutely fitting for the stylish couple …

Within minutes of walking through the front door, M and I were whisked out of our coats and handed flutes of bubbles as we oohed and aahed over the beaming couple! And as we started to make our way around the room – we kept bumping into waiters carrying the most phenomenal trays of amuse bouche (?)… I tasted one or two items but was too busy getting gabby with the people around me… but M… she found the last lonely foie gras macaroon… and I swear, she almost swooned and fainted with joy! 🙂

The food affair was just about to begin – with 2 separate buffet tables (with the same food) opening up to us… salads and sushi and delectable little bits and pieces!

my plate 🙂 with my favourite being the apple wrapped in Salmon... YUM

To be honest – I thought that this was it… and was impressed… but then suddenly, they lit the gas stoves and started stirfrying a glorious selection of greens, which they topped with freshly fried fish (in fact – I am pretty sure that the boat master had a fishing rod with him! That is HOW fresh the fish was)… plus there was some creamy risotto as well as a chicken dish (no idea what was in it – but I am pretty certain that it was TASTY!)

that risotto was deliciously creamy!

And finally – the finale of all finale’s… a dessert buffet that had me willing to take off my high heels, pull my hair back and fight-club wrestle anyone who wanted to get between me and this selection! Chocolate mousse, tiramisu, lemon torte, macaroons, chocolate eclairs… and more and more and more!

all of my favourite things!

The wine flowed… the DJ put on some swinging tunes… and it was a night to remember!

Would I go back? definitely… as their restaurant menu looks delectable! And it will encourage me to go for a walk in the forest if I know that I get to go there afterwards 🙂

The Chalet Robinson – Bois de la Cambre

Sentier de l’Embarcadere 1, Brussels, Belgium

Opening hours: Island: 12h00-23h00; Kitchen (mon-sat) 12h00-14h30 & 19h00-23h00; (sun) 12h00-22h00


tel: +32 2 372 9292


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