sunday brunch at it’s best

This past Sunday saw M, S and I heading to the L’Orangerie du Parc D’Egmont (behind “The Hotel” on Toison d’Or) which is in the middle of a cute little park for their buffet brunch.

Served from 11h00-15h30 and costing 28Euro’s per person… there is a wide variety of fruit juices, breads, cheese, salads, cold meats, salmon, fruit salads, desserts, yoghurts, crepes, omlettes as well as hot dishes that include crispy bacon, cooked tomato, ravioli, chicken curry,etc.

a whole array of delights

I have to admit that I felt as if the greeting hostess did not want to be at work… or she just wasn’t impressed with us as I had asked for a table for 3 in ENGLISH! She looked us up and down and with raised eyebrows said *without a reservation?*… sigh… yes, without a reservation. She found us a table (as it if was a great favour… which was odd as during the time that we were there (12noon -14h00) I would say that there was always free tables available).

But anyway – this was the least of our worries… and before I could dwell on the exchange for long – M had secured us cappucino’s while I had gone to fetch us some orange juice.

nectar of the Gods

We sat inside, as the temperatures have not yet warmed up enough for me … but as soon as Spring and Summer finally arrive, I reckon you will see their outside terrace packed!!! They market themselves as a “natural oasis of peace and quiet with a spacious terrace and a gorgeous garden, right in the heart of Brussels“. All the above is true except for the peace and quiet… as this seems to be a very popular spot for families with young (and energetic) children!

what it looks like in summer!

We visited the buffet section 3 times… first for the salads

my plate

S's plate

then for some ravioli:

and finally for something sweet… delicious fresh crepes…

some sugar and little jam = happy me

2hours later… we were full and happy! (And I was ready for my sunday afternoon nap!)

Would I go back? Maybe… I don’t think it is too expensive for what you get, but when you start adding on coffee’s… it is a little more expensive than heading out for a lunch. And the number of screaming pushing children indoors was a little too much for me to handle…

L’Orangerie du Parc d’Egmont

Parc d’Egmont – Brussels 1000

Tel: +32 2 513 9948

Opening hours: everyday from 10h30-16h30


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