Lenny Kravitz rocks MY sushi box

How flipping cool is this sushi box??? Who wouldnt want a box of 32 pieces of sushi designed by Lenny Kravitz???

Lenny Kravitz teamed up the Sushi Shop to release a 32-piece collection called *RAW LIKE NEW YORK* of sushi in a unique box designed by himself!

This man is rocking it! He was *THE* Rock legend throughout High School and Uni… with his delicious vocals and catchy tunes having sold over 38millions albums worldwide! And now? Well besides creating awesome Sushi box concepts, releasing new albums and extending his talents into writer and producer – he is also starring in the latest (and BIGGEST craze post TWILIGHT) movie called *the hunger games* as Cinna!!

Lenny Kravitz as Cinna

M & I had seen the sushi box advertised on a poster a few Saturday’s ago and to be honest, I have been dreaming about it ever since… so before we started to get ready for the BIG wedding (not ours :)) we decided that a Sushi lunch was in order… and BAM… it was the most amazing idea that we have had in AGES!

We got a portion of Edamane beans while we waited for them to make up our fresh sushi!

i ADORE this as a snack!

48,50Euro (and more than enough for 2 people to share) and consists of 6 spicy Tuna rolls, 2 Tuna Sushi, 2 Salmon sushi, 3 Salmon & Cream cheese sushi (probably my favourite of the entire box), 3 spider rolls (I was like *WTF, you are feeding me spiders??* but it is actually crab, avo with a spicy mayo sauce), 6 California tempura prawn rolls, 6 Taboule Maki (mint, onion, cucumber and tomato maki) & 4 Tulip cheese (cream cheese wrapped in cucumber).

Within 20minutes… the plate was reduced to this…

we literally *inhaled* the sushi it was so tasty!

The Sushi Shop which started in France, is now a global franchise offering Japanese cuisine with home delivery and eat in service (+90 locations in Europe and now in the US!)


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