who doesn’t love cheese????

I love cheese, I really do… I love it on a pizza, on a sandwich with sliced tomato, eaten with a gherkin, eaten on it’s own…. eaten with pretty much anything, mind you!

And more so… the more cheese that I have in my fridge… the more cheese I eat! *sigh* and then I wonder why my waistbands seem to be shrinking in the wash (either that or they shrink in the cupboard… just can’t work out which one it is!).

Cheddar, Gruyere, Parmesan, Brie, blue, Camembert… even those little triangles of *laughing cow*… they all co-exist quite happily in my fridge… until I get home that is!

I easy it is to digress… the real post is actually about the brilliant idea that I saw on the BBC Good Food website… about making toasted Sarmies with Camembert and Cranberry jam… HELLO… can you say *YUM*??? They pan-fried theirs, but I have a nefty little snackwich makers that I figured would be MILES easier (i just didn’t plan for the camembert to melt so well… all over the snackwich maker and all over my countertop… but hell – it was worth it :))

I made this as a starter a few days ago… and it was a great way to use up the Camembert and Cranberry jam (the latter was homemade and from a friends mom around Christmas)… but i reckon this could make a very nice lunch/dinner/snack … you name it!

4slices bread


Cranberry jam

Third of Camembert circle

  1. Butter the outside of the bread (that will give it a nice colour when it is toasted)
  2. slather on some cranberry jam
  3. as much or as little jam as you like

  4. slice the camembert and add
  5. add some more Cranberry jam
  6. a little bit more of the jam

  7. Toast – either pan-fry or place in the snackwich maker like i did
  8. BAM… toasted nom-ness 🙂

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