Our daily bread…

The bread brain-child behind this was Alain Coumont who learnt everything he knows about bread as a small boy, standing on a chair in his grandmother’s kitchen watching her make it! When he was a young chef in Brussels, he just couldn’t find the right type of bread for his restaurant… so what did he do?? He started a small bakery where he could transform flour, salt and water into his childhood memory of what bread was supposed to be like! And it called it “Le Pain Quotidien“.

pronunciation… “luh paN koh-ti-dyaN“…. you can do it 🙂 and a philosophy of sourcing organic ingredients where they can… and even the construction of the stores is based around reclaimed wood, recycled Gypsum for construction, energy-efficient lighting and environmentally friendly packaging!

The *boulangerie* (aka bread section) is still following the original concept of organic stone-ground flour, salt and water kneaded and shaped BY HAND… before being baked to perfection!

the most amazing variety ...

The Patisserie side focuses on making the most beautiful (and tasty) pastries that you can eat there or take away… from buttery croissants to tart lemon tortes to gorgeously gooey chocolate eclairs …. the variety will not disappoint you!

one of those... and one of those... and um... one of those... puhleeze

The actual *eat in* portion of the restaurant has a *communal table* approach… where you can sit at one of the big tables and break bread together (something that warms the cockles of my heart!)… while sharing from the pots of chocolate spread or jam!

So when M and I enter our favourite Le Pain Q… we head straight to the back where there is a glassed roof conservatory feel… even on a Rainy day… it feels warm and welcoming! We normally share their infamous *Le Pain Quotidien* breakfast which is a bread basket filled with sourdough rolls, croissants, five-grain or rye bread and part of a baguette… we normally add some BIO soft-boiled eggs to this, and wash it all down with cups of cappuccino or mint tea!

BUT this particular visit had us *shaking* up the menu somewhat… as I just wasn’t in the mood for mountains of bread (only a few pieces… chuckle chuckle)… so instead M ordered a freshly made glass of lemonade with mint (and got a refill later because she said it was so DELISH), a soft-boiled egg with bread, an almond croissant and a cappuccino – while I got the Parfait (granola, yoghurt and fresh fruit); a soft-boiled egg with bread and a cup of mint tea…

now this is what i call *breakfast*


There are loads of these *cafe* type restaurants around europe so have a look on their website. www.lepainquotidien.com although my favourite is the one on Avenue Louise 124, 1050, Brussels

+32 2 646 4983

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 07h00 – 18h30; Saturday: 08h00 – 18h30 & Sunday 08h00-18h00


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