Instant gratification….3min chocolate cake in a Mug

Seriously…. it is a saturday afternoon .. and I am in a baking mood… a SERIOUS baking mood – so the cheesecake for tomorrow’s supper club is in the oven… and there is a banana bread ready to go after that… but right now,  I am CRAVING something chocolate-y and sweet… and suddenly I had this little brain wave (yes – it happens on occasion…. the synopsis in my brain ACTUALLY connect!)

And after searching through a pile of recipe magazines and some printed out recipes… I finally found it….


Halle-flipping-luhah! How brilliant is this idea??? Particulary for people like me (and yes – I not only mean people who live alone BUT ALSO people who want something and they want it NOW!! The instant gratification crowd…)

I know… pretty bizarre considering I am baking other cakes… but I can’t wait until tomorrow… I just don’t possess the *waiting* gene that everyone else seems to have… I want something and i WANT IT NOW! And I only have to wait to 3minutes (excluding mixing time) for a portion of chocolate mug cake… Hip Hip Hooray!


4poons self-raising flour

4 spoons sugar

2 spoons cocoa

1 egg

4 spoons milk

4 spoons oil

a splash of vanilla extract

  • add dry ingredients (flour, sugar and cocoa) to a mug and mix well
  • Add egg, milk, oil and vanilla extract and mix again

    how simple is this?? All the ingredients into a mug... mix it around... and BAM 3minutes later you have CAKE!

  • Place MUG into microwave for 3minutes on HIGH
  • Serve with ice-cream or custard (my preference was the latter… yum yum)

    Mug Cake with custard... nom nom nom

I have to give a huge credit to the website called who have a whole range of different  MUG cake recipes… whoop whoop for their ingenuity!!!


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