Lazy Sunday lunch… at Moroccan star, Kif Kif Cafe

Remember when we were at school at the word *kiff* was the epitome of cool???

Well, when a group of around 6folk decide that since it isn’t an official *5pm Sunday night supper club* gathering, but we still feel the need to feed our habit… and by habit I am referring to getting together over nosh and wine and having some very interesting discussions! We need to find an outside venue… and what better place than a restaurant bearing the name of my childhood memories of *kiff-ness* (although in all fairness – I don’t think that I was ever essentially classed as *cool* while at school… *sad but true*)

 KIF KIF CAFE which is a stones throw from the Flagey Lakes (and somewhat hidden behind a hedge  – but if you know it is there… you will not be disappointed!)

the interior

It was previously a petrol station that was re-engineered into a Moroccan mecca of delights… hello, Tapas Delights!

Tapas Bar near the kitchen....

We start off with a Kir Royal’s and then settle on ordering 2 of the *KifKif Tapas Platters* – where each portion  includes 9 mini Tapas plates served with baskets of toasted pitta bread… (which we asked the waiter to refill… and he did so graciously!)

Meze of Tapas....

and we continue to pursue the menu… 2 of our party disappear to another get together… and R, M and I decide that red wine and tagines sound like the PERFECT combination….

R orders the Lemon Chicken with olive Tagine and the meat falls off the bones just as he glances at it!

Lemon Chicken with Olives

M orders her favourite… and we laugh at the waiter who asks “Who ordered the rabbit?” with a cheeky grin… and as he lifts off the Tagine cover to reveal the actual order…the lamb and prune Tagine… and he breaks out into an evil (but in a good way) chuckle 🙂

Lamb and Prunes

And I get the Kefta’s in tomato sauce (with a softly poached egg)… and all these are served with a side portion of couscous….

kefta's with a soft poached egg in a Tomato sauce...

“A” decided that she had eaten far too much bread and KifKif tapas and ordered pot after pot of fresh Mint tea… which is poured with such a show that I had to get a little picture of this AS WELL!

our waiter took great pride in pouring these little glasses of mint tea!

One of my favourite things about this place is that when the bill arrives… it comes in a little shoe… how cute is that??? (thankfully – they only provide one shoe… and it is always the right one… otherwise I would have a pair at home already :))

how cute is this??? The Bill is in the little slipper....

Address: KIF KIF CAFE, 1 Square Biarritz, 1050

Telephone: +32 2 644 1810

Opening Hours: Everyday: 11h00-15h00 & 18h00-23h00


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