Beginning of the month Inspiration (March/April)

Saturday, R & M did our monthly errand run which included a very important run to the Carrefour PLANET (not just a normal Carrefour but the really REALLY big one:))… and thereafter a little trip to the british shop (Stone Manor… which we all know that I absolutely love)

But my favourite time of the month… and not the hormonal type.. is the beginning of the month when all my favourite Food Magazines get released and guess what… HALLELUJAH… this trip to the British Shop meant 3 (yes – THREE) brand new food/recipe magazines that have kept me captivated since then!!

woohoo... Inspiration from these magazines should get me through the next few weeks 🙂

In fact… the following recipes are calling my name (and I hope to post the recipes and pictures up as soon as I get a moment to engulf myself into the kitchen)


* Linguine with Crab, lemon, chilli and parmesan (page 66) (friday night’s *meat free* dinner???)


* Spiced sweetcorn and potato fritters with guacamole (page 35)

* Spinach, bacon and cheddar muffins (page 72)

* (Lisa Faulkner) ‘s Mummy’s spinach and cream cheese Quiche (page 96)

(and a whole article on Brugge… woohoo)


* Potato frittata with pesto and goats cheese (page 23)  (this looks like a dish for the next 5pm Sunday night supper club menu!!)

* Chocolate and banana french toast (page 58) (could this be breakfast post 17th March St Paddy’s Day Ball??)

* Sag Aloo (vegatarian potato curry) (page 61)

So I hope that you join me on this exciting journey through this months recipe mix… and if you have suggestions… don’t forget to email them through!


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