Japanese Tapas….

I love my friends… I truly do… particularly after a recent event that left my poor ego somewhat battered and bruised… and before I knew it… I was being conned invited out so that I could be introduced a friend of a friends husband… and so… five of us met for a Saturday night Japanese Tapas dinner!

The venue for this little rendezvous, was a Japanese Restaurant (once again a street away from my humble living abode) called Izaka-ya – what could go wrong? (Essentially, we are 5 adults going out for an evening of yummy Japanese cuisine… and as long as I am not forced to wear a Kimono and sit at the Teppanyaki bar as they attempted to throw bits of food into my mouth (I swear that has already happened to me!)… I would be fine… right???)

well…”Izakaya” is the Japanese word loosely translated to mean “Japanese Tapas” and they offer a wide variety of foods in small quantities.

One of my friendly friends at the table is a Japanese native (which was really helpful when the entire menu was in Japanese)… and she took the liberty (which we handed over with absolute joy) of ordering lots of plates to share for the table (all in Japanese of course) and before we knew it… the food just started arriving… Plate after plate of delights!

tuna sashimi


From Tuna sashimi to chicken and lemongrass kebabs to Japanese salad to Pork with Japanese Cabbage to Deep fried Tofu… the plates kept coming!

Chicken & Lemongrass kebab and a piece of deep-fried Tofu

At the back is Pork and Japanese Cabbage, front plate is what is termed as *Japanese Pizza* (reminded me of a frittata)

And we finished the entire evening off with some ice-cream… some had the Green Tea version while others had the Sesame version… all washed down with glorious hot and tasty tea…

What is REALLY awesome is that this little Japanese gem has a Saturday lunchtime 12Euro Bento Box offering… which provides a little bit of everything (and you don’t even have to try to decipher the menu)… ROCK ON!!

Address: IZAKA-YA, Chaussee de Vleurgat 123, 1000, Brussels

Telephone: +32 2 648 3805

Opening hours:  Monday-Saturday: 12h00-14h00 & 19h00-22h30

(they dont have a website… but I do recommend a visit!)


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