Decorating cupcakes at Lilliput Bo… can I please have a tiara and pair of fairy wings cos I feel like a princess??

At last years ISB International Day… I got the chance to meet the Baker an Owner behind the Lilliput Bo cupcake empire! She had a stall right next to the Australian stall (which I might add had some very nice wines… although no match on the SA version… hee hee)… and after sampling one of her buttercream topped delights… I happily filled in a questionnaire on whether I would be interested in a cupcake workshop… Hell, yes… if I can scoff a few more of these!!

come to me.....

But time seemed to fly by and it has almost been a year and I never actually got around to signing up for one of her workshops.. *hangs head in shame*… BUT when I recently got an email asking if I was interested in a *Wild Animal Modelling workshop* (think cupcakes icing here people… not elephants and lions pulling their best Kate Moss “hand on hip/chin in the air/I don’t care” pose)… I was once again hooked on the idea!

too cute to eat? I think not....

So … my little bithday is coming up shortly (27th of May… diarise it, people)… and I think that as a *to max, from max* gift… I am going to sign myself up (along with some of my brussels besties) for one of the cupcake decorating workshops!!! (Normal cost is 120Euro’s and the workshop is from 10h00-16h00 on weekends or 09h00-15h00 on weekdays AND you get to take home a box of AT LEAST 12 of these treasures – plus the knowledge on how to do it yourself!)

aren't the frogs cute??? still going to eat it, though

DONE!!! And I promise to upload pic’s of my own creations AS SOON as I finish the course!!! (As long as I remember to pick up the camera before I start popping these pleasures into my mouth… reminder to self)

Lilliput Bo Cupcakes – Rue de la Concorde 55, 1050, Brussels

Telephone: +32 484 180 148


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