If it’s raining in brussels – whip up some Carbonara and Pea Pasta for a little ray of sunshine

It’s bizarre, but I truly believe that it rains for about 80% of the time in Brussels (I dare you to prove me wrong!!!) and sometimes the grey  and wet atmosphere requires a bit of a *pick me up* (and for once, I am not referring to La Piola or it’s Tiramisu :))…

Sometimes you need to survey the array of cookbooks (or mountain, in my case)….  and find something that is tasty, quick and most of all fulfilling… and you know what… tonight is PERFECT for this (it is also an excuse for me to rifle through all my cookbooks (again) and find something that says ” Max, EAT ME!” (as if this doesn’t happen throughout the day… pah)… and I found it!

Jamie Oliver (again)… but then you can’t actually blame me, because I own each and every one of his cookbooks! I think he uses too much oil and I was head over heels for him when he first started as the naked chef, while not so much now… BUT, looking through his recipes, I get idea’s… I find recipes (especially from his first few publications) that are heart warming, stomach filling and more importantly non-pretentious!! And the Farfalle with Carbonara and Spring Pea’s in Jamies Dinners is just one of these recipes!

 I am a lazy git (probably the reason I adore Nigella Lawson)… but I believe in working smarter and NOT harder! And cutting frozen bacon slices with a pair of scissors to me is FAR easier than trying to cut it with a knife when they are defrosted…. and having frozen peas in the freezer (an ABSOLUTE most for any household… perfect in stews, pies, pasta’s and risotto’s) – makes this recipe even more of a Godsend than I already thougth it was!!!

and in all Fairness… this particular cookbook (Jamie’s Dinners) really delivers in terms of recipes that appeal (well to me anyway) AND on taste… and not mention on easy-ness.

yes, yes… I claim to hold my own little domestic Goddess cr0wn, but in all reality, I really am human and I need to get the quick tips and easy techniques under control before I can create feasts (this is probably the reason why I adapt some recipes to become simpler… or in my own words *maxi-fied*)

and here it is….

thanks to the Jamie website 🙂

Carbonara & Spring Pea Pasta (ala Jamie Oliver)

(he says it serves 4 ppl…)

455g pasta (Jamie says Farfalle)

1 egg

100ml double cream (but i use normal cream)

salt and pepper

12 rasher of streaky bacon (or pancetta) roughly sliced

3 handfuls of frozen peas (hallelujah for convenience and frozen veggies, eh?)

2 springs of fresh mint

2 handfuls (or more) of grated Parmesan cheese

  1. Boil (salted) water in a pot (for the pasta) and when it is bubbling nicely, add the pasta
  2. In the meantime, fry your bacon (pancetta)… i like mine nice and crispy… mmmm
  3. frying the bacon and cooking the pea's.... hee hee.. easy peasy!

  4. whisk egg and milk together with salt and pepper
  5. when pasta is *nearly* cooked, add the pea’s (this is why i love this recipe… it saves on washing up!!) and cook for a minute or two
  6. drain, saving a little of the cooking water
  7. add pasta & pea’s to bacon and stir in the eggy/cream mixture and this is a dish best eaten straight from the pot!

    the finished product.... yum


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