La Piola’s desserts

I have already mentioned how much I love my little Italian Pasta restaurant (La Piola) which is only 100m from where I live…. and that I visit almost once a week… right?

Well – last past week, 5 of us gorged ourselves on their marvelously large plates of pasta followed by their incredibly rich but delightfully delicious desserts to celebrate R’s 21st (plus more) birthday :)!

Only 3 of us ordered desserts but the temptation was FAR too great and before we knew it… there were 5 spoons digging into all 3 of the desserts… lip smacking sounds reverberated around the table… and we knew we had finished off the evening on a good note! In fact, one who shall remain nameless, stated at the start of the evening that she did not enjoy desserts (only chocolate)… but proceeded to finish off what was left of all 3 plates… hee hee…

bottom left: Panna Cotta; above: chocolate Tartufo; right: Tiramisu

  1. Tiramisu (italian for “pick me up”)….made from ladyfinger biscuits dipped in coffee and layered with a marscarpone and egg yolk mixture… flavoured with coffee liqueur and cocoa.
  2. Panna cotta with berry coulis (italian for “cooked cream”) which is made by simmering together cream, milk and sugar – adding gelatin … and then letting it cool
  3. Tartufo (italian for “truffle” and sometimes called a “bomba”) is an italian ice-cream dessert – although there seems to be a claim that it comes from *french origin* as a Christmas time gift …normally 2 or more flavours of ice cream with either fruit syrup or frozen fruit (raspberry or strawberry or cherry) in the centre… in most cases covered in a shell of chocolate but in some cases nuts or cinnamon coat the ball of ice-cream…

do yourself a favour… go down and order one of these (or all 3 of them if you are indulgent little piggy like me!)

Address: La Piola, Rue du Page 2; 1050

Telephone: +32 (0)2 538 9129

Opening Hours:

Monday-Tuesday: 17h00-24h00 ; Wednesday- Saturday: 12h00-24h00


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