Lucy Changs…..for a sanity day

in need of a sanity day....

This week has been a bit bizarre… and I really can’t put my finger on the reason, but I have been in SERIOUS need of a sanity day… you know what I mean, right? It is the day whereby you actually put in a day’s official leave (not call in with a *sicky*)… and can justify having a duvet morning (a decent lie-in while you hear your neighbours getting ready to go to work).Now please don’t misunderstand me… a lie-in to ME means *not* getting up between 6 and 7am and rushing through the bathroom, wardrobe and kitchen (the latter to pack lunch)… it means waking up at the same time BUT having the luxury of making coffee and getting back into bed with a book or magazine… Not having to check the time to make sure that you aren’t late… being able to soak in the bath (with or without said book or suduko puzzle… don’t judge me)… AND that delicious feeling of knowing that everyone ELSE is on their way to or already at the office, while I have the WHOLE day ahead of me… to do exactly what I want!

And no – this is not like a Saturday or Sunday…. Saturday’s mornings seem to be reserved for either travelling, errands (grocery shopping), laundry or general domestic chores… and Sunday mornings are either experienced elsewhere (due to the aforementioned travelling) OR church with M. And this is why a *SANITY* day is so wonderfully luxuriant!! (plus half the population is at work – so it means wherever I go is relatively quiet in comparison to a Saturday morning!)

So the question is… how will I spoil myself today and transition this *insane* feeling to a *sane* contentment zone?


After popping a quick load of washing into the machine, I settle down with a cup of coffee and pile of cookbooks under the covers! (Putting a load of washing DOES help, because it means one less thing to do in the evenings after work OR over the weekend… PLUS the buildings laundromat is free and available and I don’t have to feel guilty for hogging it!), head out to the hairdresser for a spot of pampering and then to a little Oriental resto that I found when I first moved to Brussels over 3years ago.

Lucy Changs has incorporated the traditional and eclectic dishes from Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos and China… and are conceived with the *one dish meal* concept, whereby all courses are served at once (in typical asian style) designed for expedience, satisfaction and if you are willing… sharing!

The big draw cards were

  1. Menu was in English (hallelujah)
  2. It is walking distance from my apartment (and forgive me here… but walking distance is *around the block* and not the European definition of a 30-50min meander through 2 communes, across multiple metro stops and across a bridge)
  3. and more importantly – the food was tasty….
  4. And they do take-away & delivery… woohoo

I have to gush here… because they have this *starter* portion that makes me salivate… called a *summer roll* of prawns and mint wrapped together in a soft spring roll type pastry (not fried)… refreshing and makes your tastebuds feel alive! (And their Dim Sum is pretty awesome as well!!)

nom nom nom

My other 2 favourites are simple… but they deliver on taste (and quantity and we all know that I am not a small girl and that I have a hearty appetite… so don’t skimp on the portion size, kay?) and they are the *Fried Rice with chicken and egg* and the *wok fried chicken with ginger*, equally well washed down with a pot of their fresh mint tea (or order one of their oriental beers like, the Chinese Tsing Tao or Thai Singha or Vietnamese Saigon… or even a Cobra….)

managed to scrape every last grain into my mouth with those chopsticks! 🙂

Hello, Happiness!! (and I got this all on their lunchtime special for 18Euro’s! A starter, wok dish and a cooldrink (could have chosen a beer or a glass of vino… but am still being good!))

Did I mention that they even offer catering and events?? which even includes a *home party service* of either Reception (minimum of 30people and a selection of 8 appetizers, prepared and served on site for 2hr) or Tasting Dinner (4 appetizers, 4 main courses, and even a decadent dessert if you want) and finally Buffet (an assortment of appetizers followed by a buffet of 4 or 5 different wok and curry dishes)… these means you don’t actually have to be a Domestic Goddess… you just need to know where to find one 🙂


address:  124 Amerikaanse Straat, 1050 Brussels

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 12h00-14h00; 18h00-23h00 & Weekends: 12h00-23h00

Telephone: +32 2 538 9073



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