Battle of the Bulge in Bastogne

Driving R, M and I through to a weekend getaway cottage in Manhay in the Ardennes…I am struck by the concept that I might be entering into a version of a Stephen King novel or any horror movie for that matter… I mean, we are a large group of strangers who are spending a weekend in the country with lots of woods and fog….and yet, I think, it is silly to turn back for this reason alone. 

The cottage is three storeys and sleeps all 20,5 of us… comfortably… and most rooms have either a full en-suite or just a shower facility… and fabulous well equipped kitchen and a lounge where a roaring fireplace a game of *balderdash* take pride of place for some of us. (I would like to point out that I was crowned Queen of Bullsh*t that evening :))

We head into a nearby town called Bastogne on the Saturday afternoon… most of the group head out to the museum and battlefields to learn more about the *battle of the bulge*… but I manage to convince a small group of our travelling party that the rumbling sound that they hear is actually JUST my stomach and NOT a re-enactment of the battle… and although I have battling my own version of the bulge for many years… if they don’t feed me soon, I might actually be the *thing* that kills them all off in our horror flick cottage later! (plus it’s 3pm… and breakfast was around 8am… and unlike others… I NEVER forget to eat!)

We find this cute little restaurant that has a train carriage as the entrance called *Wagon Leo* and they describe themselves as a renowned venue for over 60years… offering a gastronomic journey along their *Wagon Orient Express* and you know what? It was brilliant!

got to love the entrance....

R2 ordered the Roquefort Filet de boeuf, maitre d’hotel, pommes frites @ 30Euro and definitely seemed to enjoy it.

R2's Roquefort filet

While M & S ordered the *le demi* Homard (aka half a lobster) for 19,90Euro and as per below… it looked phenomenal… and even R1 got to enjoy some of it (as S struggled to get some last little bits of the meat out of the shell and landed up spraying R1 across the face with a splattering of lobster meat and butter)

the gal's lobster....

And I got  Rumsteak de Beouf, maitre d’hotel, pommes frites (aka medium grilled rump steak WIFF chips) plus a béarnaise maison (aka house) sauce on the side … for 18,90Euro…. *bliss*

and mine... all mine!

R1 ordered the Vol u Vont – but unfortunately he started to scoff before I could get a picture of the his creation (either that or I was too busy starting my own steak to be bothered with another picture… and let’s be honest… the latter is more likely!!)

So with all this enjoyed… I was once again a happy camper and willing to smile, nod and make friends with the locals – so, If you are ever in the area… either for the actual history of the Battle of the Bulge … or like me… just in the area to feed your OWN battle of the Bulge… give this place a try!!

Address: Rue du Vivier 4-8, B-6660, BASTOGNE

Telephone: +32 61 211441



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