3£ for dinner… sounds reasonable to me

Everyone who knows me… (in Brussels that is)… knows that I am a sucker for StoneManor the British shop and visit there at least twice a month for some *essentials*.  (These are not essentially essentials as we know them… but rather items like Cheddar Cheese (not the artificial variants you get at Carrefour);  Salt & Vinegar Crisps; Fruit Mince pies (near Christmas) and Hot Cross Buns (near Easter)… plus my stash of English food magazines)

I generally visit their store in Everberg (Steenfostraat 28, 3078) which is open 7days a week (until 9pm on Thursday and from 08h30-12h30 o0n Sundays)… and since they do stock Waitrose products… it means that they have a nice little selection of convenience meals…

BUT nothing is as brilliant for me as visiting Marks & Spencer food hall in the UK… (maybe because it feels like seeing an oasis in the desert… or because I get excited about the all the 3 for 2 specials)… but I don’t think I have ever done a trip to the UK WITHOUT getting a gab of groceries from M&S… and this last weekend in London was no exception.

I walked out with their *lunch meal deals* (a salad or a sandwich, a 500ml drink and either a small bag of crisps or a small bag of fruit for 2,95£…. schweet… that’s monday & Tuesday work lunches sorted)… I also got some apple and cinnamon hot cross buns (which I rather like to slather with Bovril (/Marmite) and cheddar cheese… don’t mock it til you have tried it)… and finally… they had a 3£ special for a bag of  mushroom/veggie stirfry; noodles and a packet of sweet chilli sauce… so throw into the wok with some diced chicken… and bam dinner is ready!

All in all – I got 3 decent portions out of this… dinner last night – lunch today and a tupperware container for tomorrow… and who says you can’t cook a decent meal in 15minutes and for next to nothing? Eh???

simple and tasty... and ready in 15minutes... BEAT THAT!

Now if I could just convince them to open up a store in Brussels – I would probably be their BEST customer….  ( I mean seriously… they have stores 300 stores outside of the UK across Europe, the Middle East and Asia… in Bulgaria, Greece and Kuwait to name a few… but nothing in Belgium…  COME ON ….)


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