Shrove Tuesday = Pancake Tuesday = Pancake feast

Shrove Tuesday (better known as Pancake Day in some English-speaking countries) is the day before Ash Wednesday (which is the start of Lent… leading up to Easter).

The reasoning for having Pancakes on the day before the start of Lent… was because families had to use up ingredients that were restricted during this period due to fasting (sugar, fat, flour, milk and eggs)… so what better way to empty out the fridge/store cupboard… than by making PANCAKES!!!

Yippee Yeah!!

So M kindly hosted 5 of us last night for a Savoury and Sweet Pancake feast… and of course we all brought a bottle of vino (suppose this is the same concept as the pancakes… especially considering that I have decided to *give up* alcohol for the lent period… remembering that Sundays are Feast days and therefore are days of exemption :))

As you can see… another example of diverse wine offerings…  From left to right: a bottle of French Pere Magloire Cidre Pays d’Auge (which we didn’t open… *sigh*.. but my past experience of Ciders out of Calvados, Normandy have all been YUM); French Domaine Pagnier Chablis (you can NEVER go wrong with a Chablis); Italian Inzolia Sicilia (which had a bit of a *fizz* (aka unexpected bubbles) to it but was still very drinkable…); South African Fairview Viognier (from and this got a lot of *ooh’s and aah’s* around the table – so I forsee another visit to the store) and finally the Spanish Castillo de Jumilla Blanco (which is the wine that we started with and it was perfectly balanced for our pre-dinner snacks of cheese, baguette slices and hazelnut chorizo…)

French, Italian, Spanish, South African wine....

We started with a batch of Savoury Pancakes … with a mushroom filling (M tells us that there was alcohol involved in the cooking of the mushrooms… but didn’t divulge much more than that… not that it really matters because they were MOREISH)…

filled with more-ish mushrooms and served with a handful of salad leaves dressed in balsamic vinegar

And we finished it all off with Sweet Pancakes topped with (rum)caramelized plantains, icing sugar and Maple syrup – here was where my will-power deflated and I HAD to have a second helping (much like the need that exists during impulse buying :$)

topped with caramelized plantain, maple syrup and icing sugar

(Now I have to confess that this was my first experience with plantains… which look like banana’s but are not as soft or sweet as them (even though they are from the same fam-damn-ily) and they are normally *cooked* in some way or another – steamed, boiled, grilled, baked or fried – but I can say that they were pretty good….)

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