Cupcakes from heaven…

M has made these cupcakes on numerous occasions including our Mad Hatters Tea Party (and I even begged her to make a batch for my 30th Birthday because I adore them SO much)…  they are light and fluffy and topped with the most phenomenal buttercream icing (or as she would call it *frosting*).

nom nom nom

The Joy of these little mounds of heaven is that I can easily shove more than one down my gullet and not feel *heavy* (my pants might feel tight… but at least I don’t feel like I have swallowed a bowling ball! 🙂 Now how is that for logic????)

The recipe comes from one of M’s favourite baking blogs called and fortunately offers both american and Metric measurements (hallelujah – because I wasn’t planning on doing the conversions!)


1/2 cup (113g) butter (at room temperature)

2/3 cup (130g) granulated white sugar

3 large eggs

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

zest of 1 large lemon

1 1/2 cups (195g) flour

1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 cup (60ml) Milk

Buttercream *frosting* (aka icing)

2 cups  (230g) icing sugar – sifted

1/2 (113g) Butter – at room temperature

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

2 Tablespoon milk (or light cream)

Food colour (if you wanna make your icing/frosting a bright colour)

1. Preheat oven to 177 degrees C (or 350 F) & line 12 muffin cups with paper liners.

2. Beat butter and sugar until light and fluffy – adding eggs one at a time – beating well after each addition. Beat in vanilla extract and lemon zest (this can be done with either a hand or electric mixer)

3. In a separate bowl, sift flour, baking powder and salt

4.  With mixer on a low speed, add the dry mixture and the milk – in 3 additions (beginning and ending with the flour)

5. Fill the muffin cups and bake for 17-20min

6. Once entirely cooled – you can ice these babies by creaming butter until smooth, add vanilla extract and then reduce speed of mixer to slow to add sugar and milk. (add food colouring if desired)

AND BAM… you have these  little heaven-sent mouthfuls of happiness!! GUARANTEED

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