Bringing back childhood holiday memories with *Corn Fritters*

I used to spend a fair number of my school holidays in Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape (South Africa) and my granny used to make these either as a *side* to our sit down cooked lunch OR they would be served with a salad for dinner! She also used the same concept to use up left over pumpkin (which would substitute the tin of cream style sweetcorn)… and then she would sprinkle those with sugar and cinnamon…

And although I loved the sweet Pumpkin fritters – my heart belongs to savoury options… and therefore I present my granny’s recipe.

I must confess that finding a tin of cream style sweetcorn in Brussels HAS NOT been the easiest task – but when I place my order for Pronutro (see Pronutro chocolate Squares recipe) – I also include a couple of tins of KOO (cream style) Sweetcorn from the online SA shop. KOO is a brand within the Tiger Brands family… and their promise for canned goods is a 3year shelf life – which makes my life a whole lot easier… because I don’t have to worry about expiry dates on exported South African favourites!



a bit of caprese salad on top makes them so much more more-ish


1tin cream style sweetcorn

1 egg

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 cup flour

Handful of cheese (whatever is left over in your fridge)

Mixed herbs

Salt & Pepper to taste

oil (for frying)

1. Mix all the above (except the oil)

2. Shallow fry in the oil (in batches like you would fry flapjacks)

3. Pat dry with roller towel (as these babies seem to suck up a high portion of the oil)

4. Serve with a tomato salsa… or interlaced with a caprese salad (so layer a fritter with mozzarella, then a slice of tomato and decent sized basil leaf… and repeat)

These are also great eaten cold for breakfast with an extra sprinkle of salt…. ahh… bringing back the memories of childhood… and Port Alfred!

4 thoughts on “Bringing back childhood holiday memories with *Corn Fritters*

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