5pm Sunday night Supper club… has the potential as a regular event

Now don’t mock it until you have tried it… but there is something entirely invasive and unsettling about going out on a sunday night*unless*you are able to go out on a Sunday night, drink, have fun and STILL be in bed by 9.30/10pm.

A few weeks ago – I hosted a few friends for drinks and snacks at 5pm on a Sunday… we consumed more than a few bottles of wine, crunched our way through some snacks and played a dinner party game. And everyone was pleasantly surprised to have been able to enjoy all this AND still get home at a decent hour.

So – this past sunday night saw 6 of us sitting down to Cheese and Wine (and snacks) at 5pm. And so, a tradition has been born!

Wine needs cheese.... simple as that!More *noms*.....


Looking at the array of different bottles of wine reminds me of how diverse our group is… 1 South African, 1 Brit, 1 Spaniard and 3 Canadians….

While the wines (from left to right):  Californian 7 Deadly Zins (which had a pretty whooping 15% Alc… but remained an easy drinking and smooth choice); Spanish Marques de Caceres Crianza Rioja (which has been given a *smooth and supple* rating); another Californian J.Lohr Seven oaks Cab Sauv (from their *estates* collection); South African Graham Beck Railroad Red (sourced from Paradisi shop in Brussels) and finally the Rose amongst the thorns;Portugese Montinho Sao Miguel -all of which went down VERY well!

a diverse rangeWine needs cheese.... simple as that!More *noms*.....