Saturday night Wine and Tapas… L’Auberge Espagnole

M and I have been to this Tapas bar on numerous occasions as it truly is *just around the corner* (100m from Chatelain, just off Rue du Bailli on Parvis de la Trinite) – so over and above being within the neighbourhood (walking or crawling distance from home) it also offers a pretty slick service, really good wine by the glass (or bottle) and the snacks are tasty… very tasty!

Welcome to wine and tapas heaven

In fact, L’Auberge Espagnole has a menu that boasts 27 different wines from across the globe and 75 different tapas options… and as you sit down – they deliver a little bowl with some delicious green and black olives in a garlic sauce… and some bread (M decided that when the olives were finished… she could not waste the garlic oil… so she slathered it onto a piece of bread… and found heaven!)

M's own garlic toast creation

I can’t blame anyone for being stuck for choice… because we always land up ordering more tapas than we can eat (which is why the bigger the group of people you go with, the better – and is also an excuse to order MORE tapas :))

5 plates of happiness

We ordered the following (see above picture – starting in the top left corner and going clockwise)

1. Calamars à la Romaine Aïoli (Fried Calamari with garlic mayonnaise)

2. Chorizo Frais au Vin Rouge (chorizo in a red wine sauce)

3. Patatas Aïoli (Potatoes with garlic mayonnaise)

4. Lentilles Vinaigrette (Lentils in a vinaigrette sauce)

5. Tortilla Aïoli (Potato tortilla with garlic mayonnaise)

You can see the trend of the garlic… but this isn’t the type that leaves you with a special pong the next day… nope… just pure yumminess!

A place to go? Definitely…

A place to revisit? Definitely…


* Tuesday to Friday: 17h30-00h00 (although food is only served from 19h00-23h00)

* Saturday: 12h00-00h00 (last food order needs to be in by 22h45)

Address: Parvis de la Trinite 10, 1050, Ixelles (BRUSSELS)


+32 473 31 5979


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