quick and easy … but this time with taste… *Rice fusions*

Now I know that I am supposed to be promoting my favourite recipes… but I need to take this opportunity to also broadcast to the world that there are also some fantastic *quick and easy* options out there that take the hassle out of cooking.

Don’t get me wrong – I find a huge amount of joy, happiness and contentment while I am in the kitchen… but sometimes finding something that adds value when you don’t have time to be in the kitchen for more than 20minutes is an absolute *FIND*!!!

Once again – a trip to the British Shop STONEMANOR was the source of this super duper FIND… and at first I was a bitĀ skeptical… but then I thought “3min to cook rice? Bring it on!”

Birds Eye have launched this new product called “RICE FUSIONS” in 4 different flavours (Aromatic Pilau rice with peas and spinach; Egg fried rice with peas; Country Mushroom rice and Mediterranean vegetable rice)…which are basically microwaveable (straight from the freezer) pyramid rice bags…and ready within a few mere minutes!

2 pyramid portions per bag

I laughed and told a friend last night that these 3minute Rice inventions were quicker than 2minute noodles !?! (my rationale was that you still have to boil the kettle before you make the 2minute noodles – so technically they take longer than 2minutes!!) – but it really is THAT SIMPLE. Pop a pyramid bag into the microwave for 3minutes on high (they also recommend letting it stand for a minute afterwards)

Rice Pyramid

Anyway – so far I have only tried the *Egg Fried Rice with peas* version… and am hooked!! (From now onwards… there will ALWAYS be a bag in my freezer which is smaller than a shoebox… so this a HUGE compliment that it will have a permanent little spot)


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