Valentines Day is NOT just for lovers… Peking Duck is LURVE

Just because my recent (ex)boyfriend broke up with me via BBM after declaring his undying love for me days before… does not mean that i have to hide my head in shame and avoid public places on Valentines Evening.

Nor do I have the need to lock myself behind closed doors, rent some soppy DVD, order take-aways and drown my sorrows in a bottle (or 6 of wine)… and lament on the state of my single status. PAH

I feel quite entitled to have dinner AT a restaurant ON Valentines day with a friend (or friends). This day is not solely dedicated to lovers… but to friends… and of course to the Love of peking duck!

And what better venue than the little Chinese Restaurant around the corner from me!!

NEW CHINA is a family run Chinese restaurant on Rue de Tenbosch 24 in Ixelles – (+32 2 648 1085),just take the 94 Tram exit Vleurgat and you are one street away! (Unfortunately they don’t have a website…)  The restaurant is reasonably priced and husband/wife team provide the perfect balance of attention and leaving the table alone!

M and I shared a bottle of house wine (1l – don’t judge us), the cashew chicken (which is served with rice) and the peking duck (rolled at the table by “wife” as seen below)

cashew chicken on the left and the peking duck rolls on the right

and ended the meal with some deep fried banana’s…. which were not overly sweet… *just right*

All this for less than 44Euro’s (22Euros each)

the white powder is icing sugar...

And even though i went home to an empty apartment (my cat Trouble doesn’t really count)…. I went home with a full heart (aka BELLY…. cos the way to my heart is through my stomach!)

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