The every once in a while *got to eat healthy* chicken stirfry

Every once in a while…i realise that the waistbands of my jeans have shrunk (AGAIN) and i think to myself…

“Right – that’s it… i am starting a diet


But on a more serious note… with just a few ingredients – it is VERY easy to whip up a quick and healthy din-din’s….

Although I am a BIG meat fan – it is something that i very rarely cook… the occasional Chilli con carne or bolagnaise sauce… or the rare cottage pie… and even more obscure… a ROAST… so it seems that when opening my VERY small freezer… there is always a pack of chicken breasts (and yes – i am a lazy git – because i buy the already diced version… but in my defence – i can not stand the feel of raw chicken… so i go for the convenience option 🙂 everytime)



Pack of Chicken breasts (NO SKIN… and preferably diced if you are like me)

2-3 carrots (peeled and chopped)

Packet of Mange Tout (aka the snow pea or snap pea – which is basically just a pea cross with bean type legume… )

Punnet of white button mushrooms (sliced)

Good Dash (or two… or three or four) of Teriyaki Sauce

1. Brown chicken in a wok with a little oil

2. add the mushrooms, carrots and mange tout… and a few good sploshes of the Teriyaki Sauce…

3. BAM… you are done

Quick and easy, eh?

Now the reason that i use Teriyaki sauce instead of good old Soya Sauce like i used to … is because in Belgium trying to find a salty soya sauce is not the easiest task… and i now own numerous bottles of *sweet* soya sauce (which leaves a bit of a strange taste in your mouth when added to stirfrys)… and that my friend… is the main reason!

In terms of serving this up… you can add to rice or some noodles… or just on its own (the latter option is particularly popular on the days when i consider carbs to be evil…but this doesnt happen all that often… as i find carbs to be more of a comfort than the enemy… and therefore…. the reason whyiamnotskinny!



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