My best cocktail… *MAD MAX*

I started my career in the beer industry… so was exposed to a wide range of beers, ciders and spirit coolers (and even got free cases of my favourite choices every month)… and later when moving to Europe, I extended my education to include wines (particular focus on red wines).

But I must confess….

I am head over heels for bubbles….

I remember Aunty Phil (My mom’s best friends mom) who used to always have a bottle (or more) in the fridge and there was always a glass of bubbles available to anyone and everyone who might want one – irrespective of time of day.

So even now – if i can experience breakfast WITH a glass of bubbles… i can easily forgo a cup of coffee!


With this in mind… and thinking of hosting groups of people (some of which who dont appreciate the dryness of a good Brut)… this little cocktail recipe has become one of my firm favourites!

The original recipe comes from Nigella Lawson’s Christmas cookbook 

 and is called a *Poinsettia*… but those who know me… and know this cocktail, have agreed to the rename of


aka Poinsettia

750ml bottle of bubbles (DRY & CHILLED)

125ml of Cointreau, Grand Marnier or Triple Sec (or more :))

500ml Cranberry juice

MIX in a large jug, keep chilled and serve as quickly as possible.

(although having said that – it doesn’t normally last long – so i normally have 2 jugs going at the same time… one is being used to pour while i make up a fresh batch)

I also add a slice or two of lemon and some mint… and sometimes a few blocks of ice.

Tastes like… um… MORE!


4 thoughts on “My best cocktail… *MAD MAX*

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