Sunday evening double-the-carbs comfort food…potato topped flatbread pizza

Lazy sundays… oh, how do I love thee… let me count the ways!!

Particularly Sunday afternoons and evenings, where pajama’s, DVD’s, web surfing and comfort food are heaven-sent!

Every month – I visit Stonemanor British shop in Everberg… where I can stock up on my favourite English goodies… including one of my favourite monthly British food magazines DELICIOUS .

In the March 2012 magazine… a section dedicated to vegetarian inspiration called “Fresh twists”  by Maria Elia – I found a Sunday kitchen gem!

Although the recipe is exceptionally easy to master – it does require some patience (something that I am not generally famous for… unless I know that the wait is worth it)

NEW-POTATO FLATBREAD PIZZA (I have to confess to making a minor alteration to the original recipe :))

14g dried yeast (2x7g sachets)

10g sugar

250ml warm water

420g plain flour (plus extra for kneading purposes)

2teaspoons salt

1Tablespoon virgin olive oil (plus extra for kneading purposes)

200gsm small new potatoes

3 Tablespoons Olive oil

250g Cheese (Maria’s recipe uses buffalo mozzarella – which i used the first time i did the recipe, but for pizza purposes – i used a combination of mozzarella and good old English cheddar)

Passata (as much or as little as you desire)

1. In a small dish, combine yeast, sugar and warm water… leave in a warm place until it starts to foam

2. Mix flour and salt, then add olive oil and finally the yeast mix and start mixing (as i am not a huge fan of getting my hands all sticky… i use a spoon to get the process started and then only do i add some extra oil to my hands and turn out the dough onto a floured surface to give a decent amount of time kneading)

3. decent amount of time kneading 🙂 probably translates to about 10min … or until it feels elastic

4. place in an oiled dish (something with enough room for the dough to grow) place a cloth over it and leave in a warm place for 1-2hours

5. Preheat oven… HOT.. as hot as it will go… and place your baking tray upside down inside.

6. Boil the new potatoes… then slice them once cooked and cooled.

7. whip out the dough and give it a good beating (aka knock out the air) on a floured surface and then start rolling it thinner

8. finally drizzle the oil & passata, layer the potatoes, add the cheese and some salt… (or pepper or mixed herbs) and place on the heated baking tray.

9. Cook for about 10-12 minutes until the dough is crisp

(If you had stuck to maria’s original recipe and only used mozzarella – it is a good idea to throw some fresh rocket on top when you serve)


More than enough to feed a hungry Max… or 2 healthy adults … or even 4 friends with a side salad


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